Breakfast Fruit Granola

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Need something to upgrade your boring breakfasts - this summer fruit granola might do it!

Grab some of your favourite berries from the market, the supermarket, or the hedges! There’s nothing that won’t work here and the more variety, the better the result! Add a few cubes of your favourite melon such as Honeydew, Cantaloupe, Watermelon, or even Mango (not a melon but you get the idea)

Add 8-10 leaves of chopped fresh Mint into a pint of Natural Yoghurt. If you’d like, grate a bit of Lemon or Lime Zest in for good measure and mix thoroughly. Let the Yoghurt sit for fifteen minutes to overnight, with better results the longer the ingredients get to know each other.

Toast a few handfuls of Pistachios by placing them on a baking tray and putting them into a 200°C oven for 6 minutes or until they just start to brown. A good indication of a well-toasted Pistachio is when it smells delicious and roasty. Watch the Pistachios carefully because burnt nuts will stink up the kitchen!

Let the nuts cool and pulse them in a food processor or place them in a food bag and go over them a few times with a rolling pin. Then mix these into your favourite granola.

Spoon the Yoghurt into the bottom of a glass, then layer some fruit, then Granola, then Yoghurt again, etc until the glass is full. Top it off with a bit more zest, another pinch of mint, and garnish with a long spoon! 


Breakfast Fruit Granola

(Honey Dew, Cantaloupe, Watermelon, Strawberries & Kiwi)