It's Thyme for New Smoothies!

It’s Thyme for New Smoothies

You know breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but who has time to make a satisfying and nourishing breakfast? You do, that’s who. 

Thyme’s new Breakfast Smoothies are fast to make, full of vitamins, nutrients, and most importantly, they are a super tasty way to get your morning into gear. Here’s a look at the new line-up:

Green Goodness: Full of iron-rich spinach, the antioxidant mega-food matcha, and the raw fibre of pumpkin seeds, oats, and banana. Toss in some tart apple, zesty lime, and a touch of pure honey for sweetness and you’ve got a full breakfast to get you up and moving with just a few seconds in the blender.

Green Goodness Breakfast Smoothie

Pink Supernova: Fresh strawberry, ripe raspberry, tart grapefruit, and tropical mango come together with sunflower seeds, oats, and honey for a pink drink full of pure star-power.

Pink Supernova Breakfast Smoothie

Purple Power: Juicy blueberries and strawberries meet sweet red apples, a bit of banana, and a bittersweet punch from cocoa nibs. Oats, quinoa, and honey round out the texture and add a fantastic creaminess to your breakfast.  

Purple Power Breakfast Smoothie


New Smoothie Flavours!

We’ve also got a few new smoothie flavours for you to try any time of the day as we expand our growing line of delicious and healthy drinks.

Snag yourself an early Halloween treat by ordering one of our Smoothie Variety, Smoothie Taster, or Fruit Smoothie Boxes and you will receive a Carrot Ginger Boost smoothie for you to enjoy. We know you’re going to love it!

Carrot Ginger Boost: Did you know fiery and spicy ginger is a powerful anti-inflammatory? But mix it with the health benefits of carrot, goji berry, pumpkin, mango, orange, and banana and you’ve got an all-round dose of important vitamins, antioxidants, and super-foods that are sure to kick your body into overdrive.

Berry Burst: Ripe and juicy blackberries, succulent blueberries, and sweet, tart blackcurrants are blended with ripe banana in a smoothie full of the flavours of the sun, with a healthy kick of antioxidant power and vitamin C. 

All of our smoothies can be blended with apple juice, milk or a milk substitute, yoghurt, or just plain water.