It's Thyme to Shake it Up!

The world is celebrating Chocolate Milkshake Day today and so are we...

Technically, a chocolate milkshake is chocolate, ice cream and milk with any number of sweet, crunchy, spicy, or even more chocolatey add-ons. But we’ve got work to do and no time to slow down for a gazillion-calorie-laden choco-shake in the middle of the day. So we went for the logical choice in the Thyme office:

Smoothies with Pulsin Natural Chocolate Flavour Pea Protein Powder

This way we get all the chocolate flavour, a healthy blast of fruits, and a burst of mid-day energy without the chocolate guilt. We sprinkled some cocoa nibs on top for a bit of a treat. 

Banana Armour with Chocolate Pea Protein  


• 1 Banana Armour, Ah-say-ee, or Purple Rain frozen smoothie mix

•  200-300 ml of almond milk, cashew milk, or low-fat yoghurt

•  15g Pulsin Natural Chocolate Flavour Protein Powder

•  Cacao nibs (optional)


1.) Add the frozen smoothie mix to a blender

2.) Add 250-300ml of almond milk

3.) Blend until smooth - For a thicker smoothie, add 200ml.

4.) Sprinkle cocoa nibs on top and finish with an Earth-friendly reusable straw. 

Try some Pulsin Natural Chocolate Flavour Protein Powder with Thyme’s Banana ArmourAh-say-ee, or Purple Rain frozen smoothie mixes for a berry-filled, decadent, and delicious alternative to a monster chocolate shake. You won’t even miss the ice cream!