New Vegan Product Launch

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BBC Good food predicts that 2018 will be the year of ‘Flexitarian’ eating.  There are many differing definitions for this, but broadly it means lots of plants, some meat, some fish.  We like that.   It captures something of our belief in just good, honest food.  Whatever your diet.  Accepting that this might be different on different days and at different times of the year.

We love vegan food here at Thyme.  There was a lot of excitement in the building recently when the whole team tasted our new range of vegan products from Strong Roots.  We are really proud to work with Strong roots as, like us, they want to revolutionalise frozen food!  We are huge fans of their flavours and textures, and of course, the stars in all of the products are root vegetables!  Allow us to introduce you to the new range –

Spinach Bites

These bites are made of spinach, potato and a vegetable-based coating as opposed to breadcrumbs, which provides the perfect crunchy texture. Spinach Bites are perfect for guilt-free snacking, as a side dish or an interesting addition to a salad. 

 Pumpkin & Spinach Burger

A vegetable-based burger that perfectly blends two super ingredients that are rarely paired together - the tasty pumpkin and the super green vegetable spinach. This pumpkin and spinach burger is a ready to bake tasty addition to regular meals, and salad bowls. 


Beetroot & Bean Burger

This delicious burger is made of beetroot, kidney bean and bulgar wheat and is perfectly seasoned. It's crispy texture, flavours and exciting colour is formed by natural ingredients. Our Beetroot and Bean Burger helps you to add vegetables, grains and cereals to your diet in an exciting way to keep you fueled. 


Mixed Root Vegetable Fries

This vibrant mix of nutritious root vegetables (beetroot, carrots and parsnips) are peeled, cut, freshly packed and ready to oven bake all year round. Their earthy and natural flavour mixed with their crispy texture make them the perfect combination.  What's more, right now we are offering you a bag of these Mixed Root Vegetable Fries absolutely free, with your first order when you join our email list.


And all this is in addition to our current range of the popular oven baked sweet potato fries, kale & quinoa burgers and garlic roasted sweet potatoes. That’s meat free Monday sorted for the month!