Smoothie Mix-Ups

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Smoothies…everyone has their favourite: green, fruity, earthy.  Many people love the healthy idea of green smoothies but are put off by the colour or fresh ‘grassy’ flavour.  Full fruit smoothies may be too sweet for your palate, especially if your chosen mixer is fruit juice…so why not mix them up! Not only do they look amazing in the glass, but it may help you find the perfect smoothie balance.

We’ve mixed up some of our best-selling smoothies.  Try blending them with apple juice, coconut water or a dairy-free milk.

Energy Currant & Get Up & Go Go

Energy Go Go

Get Up & Go Go and Energy Currant Smoothie Mix Up

We actually love the vibrant contrast of these two smoothies when mixed together.  Energy Currant is full of berries: strawberries, blackberries & blackcurrants. It’s sweet & tart all at the same time.  Get up & Go Go is a serious green smoothie; broccoli, celery & spinach with banana for texture and a little pineapple for sweetness.  Mix them together and you get an added tartness & sweetness from the berries whilst still enjoying the fresh grassiness you only get with a green smoothie.

Share Your Passion & Pump Up The Beet

Share The Beet (or Pump Up The Passion!)

Share Your Passion and Pump Up The Beet Smoothie Mix Up

Share Your Passion is an easy to drink smoothie – super sweet, it’s full of mango, passionfruit & peach, it’s a glass-full of sunshine.  Pump Up The Beet is an earthy, rich, tart smoothie with a vibrant deep red colour. Mixed together it’s a less sweet, but less earthy smoothie that gives you the best of both worlds and looks amazing in the glass. Serve with fruit kababs

Unicorn Smoothie

Unicorn Smoothie

The ultimate mix up.  We had to.

Share Your Passion brings a base of mango, passionfruit & peach, we’ve then added Purple Rain; strawberries, blackcurrants & pomegranates, because they look so good together! All Hail Kale sits in the middle; kale, spinach, mango & pineapple and we’ve topped it with Absofruitely; Strawberries, pineapples & Kiwi – it’s the perfect mix up for any unicorn lover and so much fun even kids will love it (and parents will love that the middle is full of kale & spinach!) Garnish with home-made unicorn horn stirrers (we used fondant icing wrapped around a wooden skewer) and a little edible gold dust (we found ours in Sainsburys).