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There’s something very satisfying about a dip.  Whether you’re loading up a carrot stick or a tortilla chip, houmous is the king of the dips.  We’ve been experimenting with different ways to jazz up our houmous and get some extra veg in at the same time. Start with a basic houmous recipe, use three of our freezer staples, and you instantly have something a whole lot more interesting. Here are our Thyme twists to classic houmous.

Basic Houmous Recipe

2 x 400g tins of chick peas

4 tbsp tahini

Juice of 2 lemons

2 tbsp olive oil

Salt and pepper

Add to your blender and whizz until smooth.  Add more liquid (lemon juice or water) if needed to loosen the mixture.

Divide houmous into three bowls.

Avocado Houmous

2 x avocado halves (defrosted)

1 tsp cumin

Fresh coriander

Add the avocado halves and the cumin to 1/3 of the basic houmous mixture and whizz until smooth.

Garnish with olive oil and roughly chopped fresh coriander.


Spiced sweet potato houmous

6 tbsp of cooked roasted sweet potato chunks

Pine nuts to garnish

Add the cooked and cooled sweet potato chunks to 1/3 of the basic houmous mixture and whizz until smooth.

Garnish with olive oil and toasted pine nuts.


Tomato and chilli houmous

10 squares of arrabiata sauce (defrosted, or heated from frozen and cooled)

Sundried tomatoes and basil to garnish

Add the arrabiata sauce to 1/3 of the basic houmous and whizz until smooth.

Garnish with sundried tomatoes, fresh basil, and a drizzle of oil from the tomatoes.


Why not give these a go this weekend?  Perfect for having friends over, snacks for watching sport or a family movie, add to burgers, dip sweet potato fries, top a salad, everything really.  Fantastic houmous in minutes using food from your freezer.