Smoothie + Nutella = Heaven

So it's National Nutella Day! Other than eating it straight from the jar...which we all know is the best #guiltypleasure #nooneswatching #caughtredhanded, we've thought of the best way to enjoy the chocolatey treat with our delicious Banana Armour.


• x 1 Banana Amour Smoothie Sachet

• 150ml full-fat milk (or milk of your choice)

• 2 scoop of vanilla ice cream

• 4 (or more depending on how much you want) tablespoons of Nutella

To Prepare:

1. Empty the sachet into a blender and add the milk, ice-cream and Nutella.

2. Blend all ingredients together until smooth.

3. Sit back and enjoy!



Nutella Banana Armour