I Spy a Delicious Pie

on the farm

Nothing beats tucking into a pie fresh from the oven or that Instagram-able moment when the fork pierces the flakey crust and the magic inside pours out onto the plate. And a pie with a pint? That's good living right there.

Our 10 new flavours of handmade pies are full of the choicest cuts of tender meat and hand-selected vegetables from local farms, all suspended in a thick and velvety gravy and tucked into a baked flaky crust. 

Quick to cook from frozen or defrost, you can have a hearty and heart-warming meal in just a few minutes. Serve them with a side of Beer Battered Chips or steaming Mashed Potato with Savoy Cabbage and you’ve got a hot meal to get excited about any time of the day.

And give our vegetarian pies a try - just as hearty but filled with succulent and tender vegetables in a rich meat-free gravy.

And if you need 11 reasons to really seal the deal, you can mix and match any 3 pies right now for just £10.

Give any one of these unique and wholesome flavours a try:

Butternut Squash, Mixed Bean & Cheddar Cheese Pie

Chicken, Ham Hock & Leek Pie

Mushroom and Spinach with White Truffle Oil Pie

Spiced Cauliflower, Spinach & Lentil Pie

Chicken & Wild Mushroom Pie

Ham Hock & Pea Pie

Lamb & Chickpea with Chorizo Pie

Steak and Ale Pie

Steak and Blue Cheese Pie

Creamy Chicken & Tarragon Pie