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This five step guide is a quick and easy way to ensure that your smoothie is one of the best.

1. Select your recipe

Selecting your fruit and veg is the most important decision. Getting the blend right is a game of trial and error. Our Nutriburst sachets have been carefully formulated to taste great and deliver clear health benefits. Our green smoothies are a tasty way of getting 1 ½ of your 5 a day and our fruit smoothies are bursting with Vitamin C.

Ingredient quality is critical (not all strawberries are born equal). We search the world to pick produce at its peak, ensuring you a source of the tastiest, healthiest fruit and veg.

2. Choose your liquid

Choosing your liquid can be a trial and error process to find out what flavours complement each ingredient. Fruit juice is the most popular choice but you could add coconut water or almond milk for a similar effect with a reduced sugar content. They will still give you the added sweetness but with less of the sugar. Water is probably the healthiest choice but most find that they need a splash of something else for a sweet twist. The main rule for choosing your liquid is to make sure that any flavourings complement the ingredients. But remember, don’t be afraid to experiment and mix liquids, (our favourite pastime!). We’ve found that green tea is a clever way to create a whole new mix.

3. Boost your smoothie

Adding a little something extra into your smoothie can change it into a whole new blend. Depending on how strict you are about your low salt and low sugar content, nuts, oats or essences can be the perfect addition. Superfoods like chlorella or spirulina are a perfect way to add some delicious plant based goodness to your smoothie.  Check out our Ah-Say-Ee smoothie boosted with anti-oxidant rich Acai.

4. Blend

Open and pour your sachet into the blender. Then add your chosen liquid. Pour the liquid up to the max line for a thinner consistency or pour just below the max line for a slightly thicker consistency.

The more powerful the blender, the smoother the blend!

5. Serve

Pour your smoothie straight into a glass, tumbler or mason jar. Whatever takes your fancy. Get creative and try different toppings on your smoothie, nuts, oats, berries. The list is endless! A wedge of fruit in the rim of the glass can finish your fruit smoothie off perfectly. Veg smoothies look delicious with stick of celery or a sprig of mint.

The most important step to making the perfect smoothie… having fun! Experiment and test out different combinations, it could taste amazing! So try your next blend and send us a picture

Karisha Gahir

Thyme Hub




What Our Customers Say

Received our first smoothie trial box yesterday (really speedy delivery and friendly courier). The kids couldn't wait to get started!

Tracey Griffiths Black

Really pleased with my delivery. Presentation was great and the food is delicious. So good knowing there's decent food in the freezer.

Amy Rankine, Carterton