Happy Food

on the farm

Fabulous Christmas? Us too. We were honoured to be able to provide so many people with a stress-free Christmas dinner, as good as homemade, freshly frozen and delivered to your door. It seems like a long time ago already though, and the January blues are hitting!

Monday blues 

We were relieved to hear that it's not just us; Today, 15th January 2018, is officially 'Blue Monday' and is apparently the most depressing day of the year. It's not too difficult to see why today has earned the title given that the weather is rubbish, the December credit card bill has arrived, it's a long time until payday (and seemingly an eternity since the last payday), and to top it all, most of us have failed at one or all of our New Years resolutions! 

So here at Thyme we are trying to power through January by focusing on good mood food.  The mental health charity Mind champion the link between what we eat and how we feel. And perhaps rather than concentrating on those things we aren't supposed to eat (new year diet not going so well? anyone?), instead we think it's easier to feel better by focusing on which foods we can eat to boost our mood. 

Good mood food heroes 

Two of our good mood food heroes here at Thyme are sweet potatoes and avocados. Fantastic separately, but when eaten together they take good mood food to another level. 

Sweet potatoes, often dubbed a superfood, are full of B vitamins folate and vitamin B6 which help to alleviate depression and balance hormones.  They are also brilliant at keeping blood sugar levels steady for longer, which in turn prevents mood swings and sugar cravings. 

Avocados have been called the 'happy fruit' and have many benefits for overall health. They help with mood specifically because they contain B vitamins and Tryptophan, which the body converts into the feel good chemical serotonin. They literally make you happier!

The thing we love even more is that when you eat avocados with a healthy carbohydrate source (like, you guessed it, sweet potatoes), your body is able to transport even more tryptophan in the blood. So your mood is boosted even further. What's not to love? 

Our Oven Baked Sweet Potato Fries are the perfect comfort food for a gloomy January day. Garlic roasted sweet potato chunks are also an excellent side dish or way to boost your mood alongside any of our stews, casseroles or pastry topped pies. Both are gluten free, vegan and have no nasties. 

Frozen avocados for free!

To banish the January blues even further, we are offering a free bag of frozen ripened avocado halves with your first order.  Simply sign up to receive our email newsletter, add a bag of Avocado Halves to your order and use the discount code FREEAVO. 

That's made January a little less blue already. 😊