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About Us

Let's break the ice...

At thyme we believe in good food – plain & simple. 

We understand that a busy family life sometimes means that good food can fall by the wayside. Not anymore.

Our mission is to make it easier for your family to eat better. All our food is prepared fresh, exactly like you would at home, if only you had the time. Then we freeze it. We freeze for freshness and convenience, nothing else. There’s no need for nasty preservatives and it’s ready when you are.

And to make life even easier we deliver your order directly to your door in its very own thyme capsule; mini portable freezers that keep your food frozen for up to 24 hours, so you don’t need to worry about anything defrosting. Our friendly couriers will happily leave with a neighbour or in a safe place – just let us know.

Still Reading? Cool, let's talk about food...

We search far and wide to find small food producers (Our Makers) who are experts in their field and who share our passion for good, wholesome, family-friendly food.

We work closely with Our Makers to perfect our recipes and we taste test our food thyme & thyme again. We aim for ‘as good as homemade’ with homemade being the holy grail of wholesome family food.

We believe in nature’s way, not nasty preservatives. You wouldn’t add them if you were cooking at home, so we don’t add them either – there’s no need. This is why we freeze. By freezing the food quickly, at its peak, we preserve all the quality, nutritional benefits and freshness you would expect from the freshest of foods.

We’re proud of our food and we want you to be too – in fact we want you to pretend you made it yourself – which you would have of course, if only you’d had more time…

The Cold never bothered us anyway...

We freeze to preserve all the nutritional benefits and freshness you would expect from the freshest of foods. We freeze to omit the use of nasty preservatives. We freeze for convenience and to allow us to bring you food at its very peak.

We freeze because we all want family-friendly food that’s as good as homemade, but we don’t always have the time to cook. In an ideal world you would cook huge batches of your family’s favourites and store them in the freezer for days when you don’t have time to cook. We’ve done it for you.

Simply fresh food, frozen at the perfect moment in thyme.

What Our Customers Say

Simple, affordable, tasty variety!

Tracey Hand

Great company! Fresh produce, amazing quality and perfect offers all round. Friendly and very helpful team.

Veronica Vundi

Lovely smoothies, good portion sizes, fabulous packaging.

Anita Marbrow